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This technologically advanced era depends heavily on electrical and electronic equipment such as Televisions, Refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, motors and many others. These equipments are powered by electrical energy which is transmitted through a complex transmission system. As there are many probable faults they may occur in an electrical system and damage the machines, installing protection equipment becomes essential to ensure safety.

Established in 2016, RKD Enterprises offers a complete range of electrical safety solution and related services at a very reasonable price. We provide you with a wide range of high standard electrical equipment such as online UPS, ATS (static) switch, phase corrector, UPS batteries, Servo Controlled Voltage Stablizer(SCVS), SMF & Tubular Battery and inverter batteries that ensure the safety of you electrical machines and prevent damage that can be caused due to various electrical disturbances. Our highly qualified professionals and trained technicians provide you with the complete maintenance and repair services for the smooth functioning of your machines.

Various faults which are countered by our reliable safety equipments include:

  1. sustained overvoltage
  2. short circuit or sustained low voltage due to overload
  3. voltage sag
  4. high-frequency oscillation (Noise)
  5. instability of the mains frequency
  6. harmonic distortions

Our prime focus is to address the customer's concern by thoroughly optimizing their needs, providing the most appropriate solution and meeting their expectations. We have gained a respectable reputation in the power industry due to our consistency in providing quality products and services to our valuable customers since long. The services provided by are quite valuable and result oriented which has boosted our growth and position in the industry. We have a special emphasis on providing accurate energy solutions providing various guidelines that increase your electrical equipment's life and efficiency. Contact us soon to get the most durable and reliable UPS Repair and related services at an unbeatable price.